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Snow & tulips

January lockdown brought a different focus to daily life after the busyness of Christmas. Slowing down, with a simpler routine gave more time for contemplation and observation.

The cold winter became colder, with plunging temperatures that turned the rain into snow and the novelty of the first fall that stays on the ground. There is nothing like being the first to walk on fresh snow before others venture out. Softly crunching underfoot. There is a quiet calm about this new white world, the snow softening any noise and creating a new world filled with monotone beauty...

Despite a combination of the winter season, pandemic restrictions and Brexit complications, which brought a more limited variety of flowers available to purchase in the shops, I was fortunate to pick up a bunch of stunning white parrot tulips. I photograph them over several days, diving deeper into their glorious forms. Definitely inspiration for a new painting...


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