Next magazine, New Zealand, September 2005

"For centuries flowers have been associated with key moments in our lives, commemorating birthdays, weddings, funerals and many other events and are also the time-honoured gift between old friends and new. They are powerful tokens of heartfelt emotion and evoke strong memories from the past. Flowers are totally spontaneous and fill a space with energy and life. There is so much to learn from their natural rhythms and generous, unselfconscious, powerful beauty. They invite us to slow down, to take time to stop and stare, taking us to another space. They bring calm and joy to the present, helping us to live in the moment and have the power to make us look at life anew."

 - Jennifer Harmes

Having previously painted in watercolours and traditional oils, Jennifer started experimenting with alkyd oils and developed a style of painting using layers of transparent colour. With this delicate and time-consuming process she is able to achieve incredible depth, detail and vibrancy to her paintings. The contrast of the sumptuous blooms against the dark backgrounds from which they emerge, further accentuates the impact and drama, drawing in the viewer. It gives an extra sensuality to the work and also references 17th century Dutch still life painting.


Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Jennifer Harmes was accepted into Northwest Nazarene University, Idaho, USA with several scholarships, to study for a Bachelor of Arts Degree. After returning to New Zealand, Jennifer continued her studies in graphic design at Auckland Technical University and established a successful career as a graphic designer.


Jennifer worked as an art director and stylist for 13 years, she changed her focus to painting full-time in 2000, successfully selling work through exhibitions and commissions which are now held in private collections in New Zealand, Australia, UK and the USA. With a change in personal circumstances in 2005, she returned to graphic design, leading her to work in London in 2007. She resumed painting in 2020 from her home studio near St. Albans, Hertfordshire.


2005  Joint exhibition with Tim Wilson, Fishers Fine Arts, Auckland, New Zealand

2004  New Years Exhibition - selected artists, Fishers Fine Arts, Auckland, New Zealand

2003  Bloom - solo exhibition, Te Tuhi - The Mark, Manukau City, New Zealand

2002  Joint Exhibition with Anna Palmer, Flagstaff Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

2001  Joint exhibition with Alan Bond, Flagstaff Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

2001  Gallery selection, Flagstaff Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

2001  Matters Of The Heart - selected artists, Morgan St Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

2000  Christmas Selection - selected artists, Morgan St Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

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