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New beginnings

Last year brought an unexpected seismic shift to all our lives and mine was no exception. I was already at a crossroads in my career path and looking for a new direction...

With the onset of lockdown in March and so many options closed, my main focus was to keep busy doing things that I enjoyed to distract myself from a growing anxiety of the virus on the rampage. With spring emerging, I quickly became engrossed in my garden and installing raised beds, sowing seeds for the very first time. Salad greens, tomatoes, runner beans, cosmos, lobelia and nasturtiums was a good start with more planting done when I could locate more. We were blessed with days of sunshine and with increasing warmer days, so my garden grew, along with an increased passion for growing things.

Inevitably, with time spent in the garden and more time on my hands, my thoughts turned to painting again. I hadn’t really painted since my last exhibition in 2005. In the years in between, I had divorced, sold and bought houses, moved to the other side of the world and restarted my career as a graphic designer and art director. I hadn’t had the right place, space or time to commit to a painting. Until now.

So to begin, I had a small, unfinished canvas of a peony that I’d started several years ago, that I felt needed to be finished before tackling something new. A good way to get back into it, so out came the paints and my easel down from the loft. It was wonderful to be back doing what I truly loved and when the little painting was finished, named it “Gratitude”. I had found my new beginning...


oil on canvas, 20cm x 25cm


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