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A flower in a field

Where I live in Hertfordshire, there is an arable field opposite my home that I see every day, that is always shifting and changing with the seasons and weather. During the summer months it is most often filled with wheat, but sometimes it is peas or rape seed. I love watching the field evolve over the year, seeing the crops grow and eventually harvested. Every day is different: the morning sun catching the trees and casting long shadows, the sinking sunshine glistening off the crops, frost thick on the frozen ground, heavy fog sitting low over the field obscuring the trees beyond, bright sunshine on a hot summers day with a sea of golden wheat waving in the breeze. Every day has something new to give.

As Lockdown 03 began on the first day of the year, I had new paintings finished, but with galleries still closed, I was struggling to find anywhere to display or photograph my work within the depths of winter and pandemic restrictions. Then I realised, what better setting for my paintings than this field with an open sky, right on my doorstep. So choosing a day for each painting, I walked with them across the lane to the field one by one to photograph them. And in doing so, also capturing the changes in the field as the winter progressed.

Have A Little Faith / 07.01.2021 A cold morning with the fog hanging heavy on the frozen field.

Out Of The Night / 09.01.2021 Bright sunlight on another cold day.

See You Again / 25.01.2021 The first heavy snowfall that settled on the ground. Soft and magical in the sunshine.

Dreaming / 30.03.2021 The days starting to warm and lengthen with signs of spring in the sunshine.


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